NEPAL – a cultural retreat amidst Everest

Nepal starts from the lands where the Himalayas stoop down to become gentler valleys and ultimately flush plains. Hence its elevation ranges from a whopping 8,000 ft a merely 194 ft. Nepal is not just home to Mount Everest, but eight of the tallest peaks of the entire globe. It is the birthplace of Gautama Buddha but is a Hinduism dominated province that shed its monarchical set-up just back in 2008.

The sole reason to visit Nepal is that it sports the densest population of World Heritage site declared by UNESCO. Another unique aspect you will run into is the presence of an incarnation of Goddess Durga, who stays in a temple and is revered, worshipped by the entire kingdom. Your itinerary should include a trip to Lake Tilicho, the highest lake on Earth. Visit the deepest gorges of Kaligandaki and hop through the ornate temples. Nepal’s valleys have tallest grasslands, and rivers have the most adventurous of waves that call out to every travel enthusiast.

Kathmandu has the Tribhuwan International Airport that connects Nepal to the rest of the world. Nepal is accessible by road through the Indian states of West Bengal, Bihar & Uttar Pradesh. Train to Nepal can be boarded from Bihar. The route starts from Jayanagar, Bihar and stops at Janakpur Dham, Nepal.

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Culture of Nepal

Nepal enjoys an impressive amalgamation of Indo-Aryan & Tibeto-Mongolian cultures. Mainly a Hindu-dominated country, the most striking feature of Nepal’s culture is the practice of worshipping a child, as a breathing incarnation of Goddess Durga. She is decorated in all her resplendence & charioted across the streets where the masses pay her their respects and haggle for her blessings. She is exiled to resume living her life as a commoner after puberty as a new, younger Goddess takes over. Nepal inhabits over thirty-six ethnic groups who are tied to one religion. Other religions like Islam & Buddhism thrive in rarity. Diwali is celebrated with great pomp & show in Nepal.

Culture of Nepal

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