BHUTAN – the last Shangri-La

Tucked away in the mighty Himalayas, adorned with the best of nature and spiritually imbibed, Bhutan calls out to the explorers to witness unmissable magic. And what’s better than experiencing Bhutan with Tour Insta Holidays and our best tour packages. Crafted with utmost care to offer you a Bhutan holiday you have been dreaming of, we bring Bhutan travel packages with the best combination of adventure, spiritual, and recreational activities ideal for both Indian and international tourists.

Whether you are looking forward to a family holiday in Bhutan or an adventure expedition or a cultural tour or wish to seek the blessings of Lord Buddha and Guru Rinpoche in a pilgrimage tour or probably a cozy honeymoon, our wide variety of Bhutan tour packages are well-crafted to offer you the best holiday in a country where happiness is contagious.

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Culture of Bhutan

Bhutan has a culture that has been fiercely preserved by its inhabitants & the royalty alike. Modes of entertainment like motion pictures, newspapers & internet services weren’t introduced in the kingdom until the late 19th Century. Bhutan sits amidst pages and pages of folklores and myths that are alluring to the outer world. The people, mostly Buddhist, are simple people who are known for their plain honesty, and friendly demeanor. They are dedicated patrons of Guru Rinpoche and celebrate his birth day with extra pomp & show. Mask dances, performances by the stoic monks, folk songs hummed in unison. Witnessing them in these religious gathering is a breathtaking experience.

Culture of Bhutan

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