SIKKIM – where endless flowers bloom

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Quaint villages, pristine alpine lakes, snow-capped mountains, lush meadows and vibrant Buddhist monasteries, Sikkim in North Eastern part of India has been blessed with abundant nature's bounty. A small hill state, tucked away in the lap of Eastern Himalayas is rightly called as a glittering gem of the Himalayan crown. With its tranquil settings and unadulterated mountain air, Sikkim is a paradise for honeymooners and holiday makers. This exotic state is also home to many scenic trekking trails., luring trekkers and adventure freaks from different corners of the world to discover the charm of its unexplored magnetic trails. With our special Sikkim tour packages, you can witness the magical charm of this little gem of Sikkim in an unparalleled way. Providing you with best deals and customized packages keeping in mind, your comfort, requirements and preferences, our team of tour experts leave no stones unturned to make your Sikkim vacation a memorable journey of your lifetime. One major attraction which lures tourists to this enchanting holiday destination located in North East India, is a lookout for peace and solitude that is today lost in the busy lives of metropolitan cities.take in the extravaganza of nature and its craftsmanship.

The world-class stays with our tour packages are combined with sightseeing tours of the city helping you explore the best tourist places in Sikkim. Owing to the state's close proximity to China border, many tourist attractions in Sikkim fall under the inner-line permit area. Visiting these places require special permits from Sikkim tourism department and army authorities. If you are thinking about how to get these permissions – leave it to us; that is what is so special about taking holiday deals with us. We will get all such arrangements done for you.

Our 'Sikkim Gangtok Holiday Package' is the best and most special enabling you discover the immaculate beauty of this magical town in an unprecedented way. If you wish to combine your visit to Sikkim with Darjeeling, our 'Darjeeling Gangtok Travel Package' provides you with the best deals in town. Besides these two holiday packages, some of our other interesting Sikkim tour packages are listed below. For more information regarding best deals for Sikkim Summer Holidays, you are most welcome to contact us through email or phone.

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Culture of Sikkim

The culture of Sikkim is a unique one. originally inhabited by the Lepchas & Bhutias, Sikkim witnessed the migration of people who traveled from mainland India to this hilly domain to facilitate trade & commerce. To perpetuate harmony, this amiable state has been celebrating a melee of festivals with equal zeal. Dussera, Id-ul-Fitr, Christmas, Saga Dawa, Lhosar, the International Flower Festival & more. Sikkim fiercely propagates the practice of organic farming & cleanliness, that has made this unique state a pioneering example to behold.

Culture of Sikkim

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