MEGHALAYA – The Scotland of the East

Meghalaya boasts the beautiful hill stations and places that seem like a slice of heaven. Bounded by Assam and Bangladesh, the state is a popular monsoon destination. Blessed with natural attractions, Meghalaya is rightly called the 'Abode of Clouds'. The unspoilt beauty makes Meghalaya a destination that is often on the bucket list. There are several known and unknown places to visit that proffers an expedition unlike any. While Cherapunjee and Shillong remain the favourite places to see in Meghalaya, the state also anticipates profound explorations and excursions. Mawlynnog is a destination that is growing popular amongst travellers. By becoming the cleanest village in India, Mawlynnog has managed to draw a lot of attention towards it. A short drive from Shillong are the forest of Mawphlang, the forest is home to sacred plant grove of Khasi Tribe. Garo Hills is yet another famed sightseeing place, a nature lover's paradise this hill is the home to the Nokrek Biosphere Reserve, Siju Wildlife Sanctuary and Balpakhram National Park. Meghalaya is also known for its multitude caves, it is believed that state has around one thousand caves. Amongst the favourites of spelunkers are Siju, Mawmluh, Mawsynram, LiatPrah and Mawsmai. A holiday in Meghalaya becomes better with witnessing the famed Nohkalikai Waterfalls and Living Root Bridge. Tribal festivals are tourist attractions as well, one of the must attend the Wangala festival of the Garo tribe that is celebrated in the autumn season. We at Tour My India realize the fact that Meghalaya tour and trips to other North Eastern states are not easy. Therefore, we put special care in designing the itinerary and adding destinations and events to give the possible best to our clients. Meghalaya holiday package shall include important destinations and events that are a must witness. We make sure that the customer gets the true worth of money without having to compromise on comfort.

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Culture of Meghalaya

Meghalaya separated from the state of Assam on 21st January 1972. The state is home to the indigenous tribes of the Garo, Khasi & Jaintia Hills who speak Khasi, Pnar, Hajong, Rabha, Garo & Biate. But the official state language is English. The tribes of Meghalaya are of the Tibetan-Burman origin. The cultural practice that shines out in the state of Meghalaya is the presence of a matrilineal system, especially among the Khasis. The people of Meghalaya are fond of dancing, with numbers performed in praise of Mother Nature. They are skilled silk & carpet weavers, and producers of cane products.

Culture of Meghalaya

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