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The mystifying land of soaring blue hills and undulating river valleys, Assam is the doorway to the northeast fringes of India. A popular tourism destination among the nature lovers, this state attracts countless tourists from all over the world through its peerless tourist attractions. The radiant Brahmaputra River flowing from Tibet meanders from Assam and augments the beauty of the region. With its breathtaking natural exquisiteness, Assam paves a way for a congenial and unforgettable tour for the travellers. A tourist must visit this place to get drenched in mystic tranquility and gripping panorama.Our finely crafted Assam vacation packages take the travellers to a comprehensive and pleasant tour to this surreal land. Our affordable and all-inclusive holiday packages and deals offer the tourists a relaxing yet delightful sojourn. The dedicated staff strives its best to render a personal touch to your tour to Assam. We offer all the amenities and tender a gratifying tour without burning a hole in your pocket.

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Culture of Assam

Assam has been passed through the hands of Koch Dynasty, Sutiya Dynasty, Kachari Dynasty, Kamata Dynasty, the British Raj, and more. This has resulted in the shaping and re-shaping of a culture that is unique on its own. The Assamese hold the Betel Nuts to great esteem, offering them to their guests as a sign of welcome & respect. They even offer the "Gamcha" to the guests, which is a white cotton towel decorated with red embroidery & motifs. They are skilled manufacturers of bamboo products & offering trays called "Xorai" which comes with decorated covers. These trays are used to offer edibles to Gods, offer "Tamul Pan" to guests, et cetera. Assamese have their distinct dance forms that are elaborately performed during the festival of Bihu.

Culture of Assam

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